Leaving and Arriving

Hi people, We heard from some that people might enjoy reading about our travels...so here it is. THE BLOG. Currently Ari is gathering supplies around our room for our day trip tomorrow, asking me what I would like to pack. It sounds a lot like when we left, me procrastinating and Ari running from idea to idea. Ari and his sister convinced me it was essential to pack light for these things, which is not something my mother and glorious Polish camping adventures taught me. Here is what we brought for 99 days in South America.
okay, not Zeke, but we wanted to. We arrived into La Paz, Bolivia at 3:30 am on Wednesday. I was really concerned about getting our visas, but we had the documentation, and most importantly the cash in order, so we got through just fine. Although we are just an hour ahead of central time, this odd arrival time has made us a bit jet lagged, not to mention the altitude! The city of La Paz is the highest capital city in the world, clocking in at 11,975 ft (after the dive down from the airport). They have built sweet gondolas, like ski lifts, called telefericos, to navigate the steep terrain. They are the best, and have awesome panoramic views of the city we are always amazed by and the locals have come to ignore. Unfortunately, they are so new that google maps doesn't know where the stops are to help you navigate to the closest one, and to avoid climbing a steep hill to get there. Yesterday, we hiked to a stop for close to 40 minutes straight up, only to discover today there was another at a much more reasonable level. Our hike:
Otherwise we have been exploring museums, markets, and restaurants in the city. We are finding trip advisor is better than Lonely Planet. Tomorrow we are biking down the "World's Most Dangerous Road." Pray for us. Zari


  1. You started the blog! Thank you so much! I hope you've packed enough! Maybe you can teach me how to pack lightly when you'll come back! ❤️ Muś

  2. Fantastic, just keep writing and stay safe both of u��‍♂️❤️


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